segunda-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2017

Appetite for mana cakes

And back again!

So for my first post of this year I shall start by talking about others. Namely Laeron.

That bugger has stood me up in Stormwind, in plain new year's eve. Motive?... Apparently he met an archmage, called Sibila, back in Dalaran when he decided to play the hero and rescue her from a loose Doomguard who suddenly showed up in the city streets.

Of course I totally understand the fact that he couldn't just turn his back on a demon running around Dalaran, but he did trade me for an archmage... a blood elf archmage no less... Argent Champion alright, but still a blood elf.

I've got nothing against blood elves you know, my friend Thanneth is a blood elf but she's also a demon hunter, we've got that in common. Now, Laeron has nothing in common with an archmage... other than the fact that he used to be one before becoming a demon hunter. Yet such is a part of his life that is long gone. It ended a very long time ago when the Burning Legion destroyed our lives and turned us into monsters... and then, he decides to spend the new year's eve eating mana cakes... in Dalaran, in the company of a blood elf archmage... I suppose it could be worse.

Well, I wanted to see the fireworks in Stormwind so that is exactly what I did, but... when the show
ended I teleported to Dalaran and met up with Thanneth who, until then, had been pretty much sitting on her ass around the Fel Hammer and didn't know a thing about Laeron's sudden appetite for mana cakes, so I filled her in. Don't really know if she felt upset or not since she used to be the centre of Laeron's attention.

Anyway, curiously Thanneth knows Sibila... and Sibila's brother, Kiryel... and their younger sister Cylla. Perhaps not in person, but she used to know their family before becoming a demon hunter.  She told me the Silverwings are an old and noble high elven family, or they were before their world turned to chaos during the siege of Quel' Thalas. The three siblings were the remaining survivors of an entire family, wiped out by scourge during the siege, but the arcane magic has always been part of the family, so it came as no surprise for Thanneth to see one of its members becoming a dedicated archmage and a Champion of the Argent Crusade. What did, sort of, surprise her was to hear that a former Moon Guard sorcerer, and currently demon hunter had devoloped a sudden appetite for mana cakes. And apparently Sibila is indeed powerful enough to conjure an exceptional mana refreshment table for a nostalgic Kaldorei. So, I shall keep an eye on those two because, no matter how powerfull that mage might be, Laeron is still my friend.  


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