sábado, 31 de dezembro de 2016

The first new year's eve of Morfindes

Hello again!

So here I am back in Dalaran.

Finished my job in Azsuna and Val'sharah, so now I'm lending a hand in Stormheim. Curiously I do like there eventhough I found a bit weird in the beginning. The Vrykul are interesting people and there are also Valkyrs... I haven't seen them yet but I'll see if I can find some today before joining Laeron in Stormwind for  New Year's eve.

This is our first new year's eve in a very long time so I am slightly intrigued by the celebrations, if any... after all, they did lose their King recently and they still might be a little bit pissed about it. I mean, Greymane is definitely still pissed about it as he keeps stalking Sylvanas like a mad dog. I think they got some sort of a story going on and it is not just about Varian.

But anyway, I shall not dwell on those matters as it is really none of my business who Lord Greymane decides to stalk and when. My business is finding out where Lord Illidan is, and hunt demons and if for that reason I have to stalk Lady Sylvanas Windrunner as well, then I guess it will have to be done.

I am still quite curious about Stormwind's celebrations though. I wonder if it will look anything like this:

Ok, so that picture is a bit old. It was taken when Deathwing destroyed the city. The towers have already been restored to their usual glory and beauty... in human terms, not in elven terms... in elven terms those towers do look like rocks piled up on the top of one another, which nonetheless do serve the original purpose of a wall.

Oh well, I suppose I will find out what happens later on.  

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