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My trip to Dalaran

So, to sum it up in a very short sentence, Archmage Khadgar asked me to meet him Dalaran and off I went.

The first thing I found a bit confusing, at first, was the fact that for a city it kind of moves around a lot. First it was in the Eastern Kingdoms, then it was in Northrend and now it is hoovering close to the Broken Isles. No wonder one has to have a Portal to it, one never knows where that city is going to be next! Oh well... I suppose it is what you get when you have a city run by mages.

Anyway, so I went to see Khadgar just outside the Violet citadel and he was a bit worried because he had to bring some bad news to the Leader of the  Kirin Tor. Of course when people talk about bad news, I always think the worse; Demons wreaking havoc everywhere, all hope is lost and we are all going to die a terrible death. But it turns out, it was just to tell Lady Jaina Proudmoore that they were going to invite the Horde back into the city.

To be totally honest, I really felt relieved, because the possibilities that crossed my mind before such announcement were a lot darker than that. However, the only person who didn't take it so well was indeed Lady Jaina. So let me tell you a few words on that; she's really pissed about the Horde and definitely isn't afraid to show it... But again, they did destroy Theramore and they did kinda bailed on us at the Broken shore, which kinda led to a major world disaster, also known as the death of King Varian Wrynn (May he rest in peace). Personally, it really didn't bother me that much because, in a way, he was also an accomplice to our imprisonement just as much as the leaders of the Horde. I'm not saying that I'm holding a grudge or anything buuuut... we did end up boxed up in a big chunk of green rock during his watch and if it hadn't been for this... mismanagement of the entire Legion situation, I believe we would still be locked up in  there.

So cutting this story short, Khadgar made the announcement, everybody took a democratic vote (except for me, they didn't let me vote), majority won,  Jaina got pissed and left. Suddenly out of nowhere this Bronzebeard fellow shows up, with a message from his brother Magni - who's currently in Ulduar - and off we go running to see what was that all about.

I mean, the message about the Pillars of creation and titan goddess it was really important for our war against the Legion, but I was impressed by the new looks of Magni Bronzebeard who's now a big walking diamond and couldn't stop thinking how much would, just a tiny little bit of him, be worth at the Auction House? I know I shouldn't be thinking those things but those cheap Wardens didn't give us any pocket money for our daily living. Instead we have to work!

After Ulduar we went to hunt for more information, about the Pillars, in Karazhan and believe me, it is way better to be living at an Inn than in that place. Once that was finished, the mages teleported the city to the Broken Isles, I got to meet up with Kayn again and decided to go to Azsuna.  Let's see how that one goes.

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