quinta-feira, 1 de setembro de 2016

Morfindes the Illidari

Hi, this is me. Morfindes, a Illidari, a Demon hunter.

I have to say that at first I was a bit shocked to find myself being released by the same Warden who happen to have imprisoned us buuuut... I suppose the dire circumstances these people managed to get themselves into kind of dictated this outcome.

Barely did I have the time to unfreeze properly when I was thrown back into the business of killing demons. Almost didn't even have the time to send a text message to my friends Laeron and Thanneth... well didn't really mind not to text Thanneth, because that Blood elf drives me crazy but I did get a message from Laeron saying:

Well, he likes Thanneth and she wasn't replying back so he gets a bit impossible when that occurs.

Anyway, we two ended up meeting a little bit later only to find out that Lord Illidan had, not only, not been unfrozen but also he was sort of stolen... My chin would have dropped to the ground if I did not have a Illidari reputation to uphold to. Who on this land would ever think of stealing a cage that size?? A humongous piece of green rock... seriously... the dude is big! And with the wings all spread, it occupies a lot of space. It's like, we got locked up in a tiny studio and he got locked up in a mansion.

The answer was; Gul'dan. In fact, the answer to almost everything that goes terribly wrong in Azeroth as of lately is Gul'dan. And apparently he has had the aid of another Warden named Cordana Felsong. Ok... so I did laugh... or sort of chuckled discretly, since I really didn't want to be thrown back in the cage... at this last bit. All so pious against the alleged evilness of Lord Illidan and they end up all corrupted and in a big mess.

I mean, I am certainly not complaining and I know that if it wasn't for all this mess I'd still be locked up. We would all be locked up. So, maybe it would be fair to say we have been given the opportunity to show that we're not really that bad. Sure we've got our own issues but hey! This is Azeroth, everyone has issues with everyone... except when the Legion comes. Then everyone has issues with everyone and everyone has issues with the Legion.

Well, anyway, I must be on my way to Dalaran and meet up with Khadgar. First impressions: a very weird dude... mage... nice though. Let's see what he wants.


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